Failure Mode and Effect Analysis with dynamo

Hello Beautiful People,
I am very new to dynamo, I am working on a projrct where we are applying FMEA, using BIM on a project.
Basically I have created a building project in revit and added a shared parameter “Task_Id” to all the families such as walls, door etc. now I need to select all the categories, everything and filter them by presence of parameter “Task_Id”.
I have created an excel file with task ids, category names, and a color sheme, I have to override colors in revit by those colors specified in excel for different task ids, please help me, I don’t even knw how to start
To eloborate, different categories such as slabs, walls, windows and doors are categorised based on the level of risk during construction, they are labeled with task ids, and provided with a colour showing risk level, inorder to visualise this in 3d, we need to override color of elements in Revit by those colors

I have created this dyn here which does what you want, though there are a few differences. I have taken the data from csv file (screenshot attached) in which the RGB values of the color is given. I have also used the Comments parameter to put the Task ID instead of creating a new parameter.

Color Change CSV

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Thank you very much, Actually I am so new to this that I am struggling to understand your nodes😁, can you help me with my work if you have free time?

I have a tabel explaining everything, i need to create same code

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