Color Range Help

I’m trying color the elements based on their cost value. So basically a group of items will have the same unit costs. So my question is if the costs are for example $1000 and $1200 for two groups respectively. When I normalize them 0.833 and 1. Imagine this for multiple groups with a fine variation in costs. How would I spread them in the color range so that the colors are explicit and distinct… Please take a look at the picture below. In the color range when its .833 and .85 the colors will be almost blue for both. How do i solve that situation?? Please also see the color range i’m using its the default one.

I would use a view filter and use Dynamo for something more sensible.

supply a list of fewer colors and the gradient will be more distinct when sampled uniformly.

@Michael_Kirschner How do I supply list of colors? Color Range only accepts two colors right? How do I tackle it?

@Thomas_Mahon When you mention filters, i pack the elements to their respective filters, and color the filters from slectionfilterelement node??

This is what I have currently…

This is how I have been getting color range based on a changing set of inputs.


@Rooney_Wayne @BenDoty_LMN - The Color Range node is one of the trickier nodes to work with. I definitely think we should revisit this UI so that we can make it easier to use. In any case, just wanted to add a few things, in case it would be helpful to you.

  • You can add more than one color to the Color Range node as @BenDoty_LMN correctly shows in his image and shown here…
  • You can control the gradient using the index input. For instance, if you have 3 colors, create a list of 3 input values ranging from 0 to 1.0. By controlling the values you can determine how your gradient looks. See the attached gif.

Firstly, thank you for providing such a thorough explanation.

I followed your instructions and everything worked, however all of my elements are showing red, so I’m not sure what’s wrong with my nodes. Please kindly could you check ?

I have tried but still not working as what I want

remove the dictionary and second override color in view node. The dictionary is of no use here and in a function state so override color in view is trying to override the color of a function which is like me asking you to divide 3 by :banana: - it makes no sense.

Instead pass groups to the element input of the first override color in view node where you currently have the elements from the all elements of category node.