Collision detection - Boreholes


I have typical floor plan that I need to layout bore holes 100mm dia. and 2m spacing between the bores and 1m away from any other structural elements such as walls, columns and etc. Anyone knows how to approach this problem. Your help is much appreciated.

Well laying out the array should be fairly straight forward with a rectangular floor. You just have to calculate the number of bores you need in both directions.

The important information you’re missing is what to do when you have a structural obstruction. Is the 2m spacing a maximum? I assume you can’t just remove those bore locations.

2 m spacing between the bore holes are min distance it can be farther a part but not less than 2m. Bore holes needed to be min of 1m away from any other elements such as wall, columns etc. I am able to distribute the bores using gridline but have to eliminate the bore holes that are too close to walls and columns i.e. less than 1m. I am thinking to create two lists, one for all bore holes within 2m spacing than get all obstacles lists and use Boolean mask to filter common elements in the two list thank use filtered list to draw circles (bore holes). So far this has been a challenge to filter the lists based on a distance. or there could be a easier way to this.

Easiest way to do this is to initially use circles with a 2100mm diameter (assuming that the 1m minimum is to the edge of the hole) and then after filtering intersections, draw the remaining bore locations with the correct 100mm diameter.

Hi Nick, I solved it as per your suggestion. Maybe later when I am allowed to upload the dynamo files I will upload the solution for others.

Thanks for the support.