Collect all rooms in host view (from linked document)


I’ve been trying to collect all rooms in a host view from linked document. I used Data-Shapes node for that Element.GetFromLinkedFile.

Strangely - the node collected only some rooms in that view (81 of 250)

I also used other methods to verify - I used Element.GetFromLinkedFile (so could not select the host view) - all rooms are collected just fine there. Unfortunately - i need to know if a specific room is on specific, host, floor plan.

Here is the view I am trying to collect from (so all rooms are visible):


I’d appreciate any help in that matter, thanks

I would get all the rooms from the linked file and then filter them down to just the ones on the level in question. I do not believe the ‘by host view’ node is intended to gather this content as you’re after.


Thanks for your reply,

First of all - sorry, I made a mistake in original post - i said i used Element.GetFromLinkedFile but I used GetLinkedElements.ByHostViewAndCategory from Data-Shapes.

Do you think this is the component to be used? Why does it not collect all the rooms in a host view (81/250)?

I was thinking about approach you proposed, but i have one problem - my goal is to create dependant views for each floorplan. Sorry I didn’t post the script but it’s really long and that wouldn’t help much. I’ll try to elaborate on logic:

  1. I need to link a file and create floorplans for each level (apply viewtemplates etc). That is done in revit.

  2. Then i would like to gather all linked rooms in each VIEW. Rooms have a parameter that assigns them to a specific flat - so, for example I can have 100 rooms, that are assigned to 25 flats per level/floorplan

  3. I create 25 dependendent views for each flat

  4. I then create crop boxes for each dependent view/flat.

So - talking about approach you proposed, do you think it is possible to collect all rooms, check the level, assign them to views, i wish to create dependent views from? I later need to create bounding boxes for each flat and crop boxes from this.

Is there no way to collect all rooms FROM LINKED FILE in a view (in a model that the mentioned file is linked to)? That would make it a bit easier (also list-managment-wise - multiple views with multiple flats with multiple rooms)

Thanks again for your input!

Yes. The view also has a level so you could group them and use a dictionary or other method.