CodeBlock lost it's connections


I had a tricky problem with codeblocks: I had to undo some things on my workflow and then I realized that after using Ctrl Z, saving the project and reopening it, some codeblocks (almost all of them actually) had disconnected their outputs to other nodes. I had a pretty big workflow and now I am spending hours to recap everything and reconnect those codeblocks.

Does anyone has already been through this problem? Is there any solution for that? I searched for the automatic backup but it was backed up after the mess…

Thank you!

@ricardoperucci is this Dynamo 2.x daily build ?

I am working on this issue now if so.

Hi @Michael_Kirschner2,

it is Dynamo Core
I use it in Advance Steel.

PR is under review now.

Hi @ricardoperucci

Could you drop here dyn file?

Hi @Kulkul,

I could, but lots of my nodes are customized nodes that we’ve developed in our company through Advance Steel and Dynamo API, so they won’t work there…