Code Block to make List of String and If Statement

How do I write a Codeblock with an If Statement like this?

If InString= “Unit” Then Outstring= "Count"
If InString= “Length” Then OutString = "M"
If InString = “Area” Then OutString="M^2"
If InString="Volume then OutSting=“M^3”

How do I write a codeblock that has inputs of a number and a String that will create a list of strings the length of the number

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You’ll either have to resort to nested if statements or imperative code. Both of those solutions are sometimes difficult to interpret and modify. Consider the following example instead - lists in Dynamo can also act like dictionaries:


To the second part of your question, is this what you are after?

t1 = String.Length(inputString);
t3 = t1 - len;
String.Remove(inputString, len, t3);