Clockwork - Time.LapTime

Hi All,

I want to check how long Dynamo takes some parts of a main script. I’ve found in the forum that Clockwork package has this two nodes:

I saw this topic, and @Dimitar_Venkov places the Time.LapTIme node at several parts of the script :

Please, could anyone explain how it works?

Thanks in advance.

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Also, what are the units of NetLapTimes and OverallTime, seconds? What’s the difference between them?


Correct me if I’m wrong.

In the above example I plugged 2 custom nodes to check how long it takes the script through every step. Overall is the Total time and NetLapTimes is the time for each part I want to measure.


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Note that you’ll find sample files for almost all of the Clockwork nodes here:


Thanks @Andreas_Dieckmann.