Clockwork´s ScopeIf+ node error: "This custom node contains an invalid input. Please fix the input before saving the custom node."

I have an issue with Clockwork ScopeIf+ node. Its a large graph and it was working properly before.
The node now shows the warning “Warning: This custom node contains an invalid input. Please fix the input before saving the custom node.”
Rolling back Revit to a previous version isn´t an option.

Clockwork for Dynamo 2.x
Revit 2020.1 (

Any idea from someone?

Change the inputs inside the custom node to look as follows

And go let @Andreas_Dieckmann know here,


Thanks for replying @john_pierson .
The thing seems to be that way:

I sent it to the Github issues link you provide.

Watch your capitalization. :wink:

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The solution from @andydandy74:

" @AndreFernandes77 Thanks for reporting. I haven’t really started testing Clockwork in 2.1 so this might actually affect multiple nodes. I would assume you could fix this fairly easily on your end by renaming the two inputs to trueval and falseval respectively."

It works! Thanks!

Don’t mean to hijack this thread, but the issue I had is the same and was hoping that it’s isolated. Most if not all of my scripts are based on Dynamo 2.0.2. Started using Revit 2020 with Dynamo 2.3.0 and had the same issue above with the ScopeIf+ node. The True and False inputs automatically changed to string as shown in the clip below.


I opened the script back up in Dynamo 2.0.2 to see what the original input values were and that lead me to the same fix as you posted above. Would you happen to know what may have caused the inputs to change on their own? I hope that this is not a prelim of issues to come.

Hi @staylor,

It looks like Andreas has fixed this is newer versions. When you update clockwork you should have the fix automatically.

The node in question:

and the line it is fixed in:

Hey @john_pierson
Thanks for responding, but I apologize for any misunderstanding. I actually had Clockwork version 2.3.0 installed before the issue was created, which I believe is the latest version of Clockwork.