Clockwork pkg

Hi guys,

for some reason every time I open Revit the clockwork package deleted by itself and I should install it again, anybody knows why this is happen !.

thank you

Post a screenshot of your node and package paths, and a second screenshot of the contents of those directories.

As requested

Try uninstalling and reinstalling. Backup your package directory first though.

U can drop one dyf file from the clockwork package into Dynamo and it will pop up again maybe. I think there is a Problem of u have installed a old clockwork package in the Dynamo 1.2 folder. I Have deleted all my old Dynamo folders and downloaded all package again. It seems I have solved my Problem

Hi @jacob.small i tried to do as you said but still the same issue, and i added another directory please check the picture below.

the thing is when i open any revit template the package automatically deleted from both directory :confounded:

I removed all 1.2 folders but still the package deleted upon revit opining

Guys Still Need help with that anybody can help !!!

Could you share your “DynamoSettings.xml” file found in:
%appdata%\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\1.3\

Please find the link below for the xml file

Close Dynamo & Revit, replace the file with the below:
DynamoSettings.txt (2.9 KB)

(I had to change the extension to upload it here, be sure to rename it back to .xml)

Start up Dynamo and re-install the missing packages

Thank you so much it’s working now, can you teach me what you did ?

That’s the file that keeps track of package folders that need to be deleted under the <PackageDirectoriesToUninstall> element. I simply removed all references.

Due to the way in which c# libraries work and the way dynamo is launched, you can only delete packages with c# dlls before they’ve been loaded. As a work around, whenever you “uninstall” such a package, its path will be stored in the settings xml and the next time you’re about to start Dynamo, the package
s directory will be deleted and ideally removed from the xml file. It seems that in your case something is breaking at that point.

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