Clockwork Host Level suddenly not working

First i gotta say ive just started using dynamo a couple of months ago and been learning alot from just browsing posts in this forum. thx alot to everyone for all the inputs and help you gave each other.

Ive made a small script for walls and areas that adds their host level value as an instance text parameter.
All was going great until i installed the latest Revit 2017.1 yesterday with the new dynamo and Dynamo player and now the script doesnt work.

Element.ElevationOfHostLevel now shows null
Ive uninstalled all previous packages of Clockwork and reinstalled the latest 1.x - still null

@lUNi If it’s only walls, you can try this…

Works great thx Vikram!

do you know how i can do the same with Areas ?

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Ohh oops tried GetParameterValueByName(TypeOrInstance) instead of just Element.GetParameterValueByName…

your way works with Areas too (Level instead of Base Constraint) thx again!

Actually it doesn’t seem to :slight_smile:

The Level parameter value in Areas is a string, from which you won’t be able to extract the elevation.
You might need to do something like this…
AreaLevel.dyn (7.5 KB)

Actually this is good enough:)

Idea is to have either Level Name or Elevation for entering that data into the element as a string so when the file goes as a link in another file i can filter by that parameter (as revit doesnt let you filter linked areas by levels in area schedules)