Clipping Point Cloud using Dynamo

I have a point cloud data, from which I want to clip a particular section. For example, I have this cylinder, and I want to crop out the points that are inside this cylinder. Is there any way to do it using dynamo?

*Also, any suggestion regarding clipping/segmenting point cloud data would be helpful. I used Sastrugi package’s “Select points by Region” but it clips out the whole region (whatever is found inside the region, but I want to segment a portion of it, not the background.), Thank you so much in advance.

you can use Brimohareb_XXXX pak.

These nodes utilize the Revit API to isolate a point cloud that’s inside the group of planes, similar to how Sastrugi operates. The question arises in your case: you’re using cylinders, and cylinders inherently lack planes that the node can utilize. To address this, I suggest employing an alternative approach. Define the planes within Dynamo first, and then employ these defined planes to extract the required point cloud. By adopting this method, you can effectively leverage the capabilities of the node, even in situations where cylinders lack distinct planes.

In the other hand you can use python3 and open3d pak´. to clip the point cloud

Thank you so much, @RMohareb. I will definitely look into it, and get back to you.

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