Clean Text Types

Hi, I am trying to clean my project of some text types and only keep a few that I use all the time. I´ve created a script to do so using String Contains node to identify the ones I want to keep but it only seems to work fine when i enter just one name (2.5mm Arial). When I enter two names (2.5mm Arial, 3.5mm Arial) it does not give me an error but the behavior of the process changes. Now I don’t have an out list , or a False list no more and actually i need the out list so I can delete everything but the Types on the in list. I am not experienced in Dynamo so I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

Hi @danielarmentaing,

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Try leveraging the List Levels (@L1 and @L2) as shown below:


Hi AmolShah, Thank you so much!! It worked

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