Can not find TextNode type in Dynamo

Hi community,

There are some TextNode type in Revit that I want to delete for management, but can not find in in Dynamo.
Any advise would be appreciated.


Could you turn on the previews for all of the other nodes ? Especially for All Elements of Category.

Thank you for your reply, pls see the screenshot below :

Hi again. Could you also show the preview of String.Contains and List.FilterByBoolMask ?

I suspect it all has to do with the lacing of your nodes. Try setting all the lacings to Auto.

Hi, I dont think it’s related to lacing here

What is your expected output ? The node appears to be working correctly. All your TextNotes appear to contain “ATL”, so the node is filtering all of them inside the “in” list, leaving nothing in the “out” list.

I want to get Schedule Text 1, 2,3…as highlight in yellow

From his first post, there are supposed to be at least 4 items that don’t have “ATL” in the name, I think that’s what he’s after by way of exclusion of the rest.

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Are those in Element.Name?

You are taking all the TextNotes that you have on your mothel, not all the TextTypes, if any Text Note have this type you will find any.

Thanks @M.Perez, just need to delete TextNotes type.

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