CivilConnection - Surface

Hi guys,

I have an issue with the surfaces I am getting from Civil 3D via CivilConnection to Dynamo.
It is not the same result. Is that a XML issue or might there be something else wrong? Any idea?

Surfaces in C3D:

Surfaces in Dynamo:

Thank you in advance for your answer!

It’s hard to tell what the issue is when we can’t see any of your inputs. Could you drop the relevant files?

Hi Kulkul,

attached are the files. Thank you for looking into this!
Unfortunately I cant upload the xml File here.

C3D_Düker3_Baugrube_tief_200330.dwg (3.8 MB) C3D_to_RVT_DGM_XML_200317.dyn (14.8 KB)

Thanks for dropping the files. I will look in to this soon.

Hi Kulkul,
after a research i found that post:

So the CivilConnection Landxml Import does not seem to ignore those lines with the extra attribute i=“1” the way Civil3D does it. Might be it or not?

Sorry i am very busy now. May be @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 or @Nora.Li Can help you.

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In the new version the default imports only the visible triangles but you can override it read all the triangles if you need… still haven’t had time to publish it


ok thank you both for your help! Much appreciated :slight_smile: