Civil3D Toolkit - TinSurfaceExtensions

Hi every one,

Can you tell me what to do when this message appears ?

Thak you in advance


@alexandre.victor welcome to the forum. Can you confirm which Civil 3D version are you running? You can see this information clicking on the question mark in top right corner and then looking under “About”

Thanks for your return
here is a screen shot of the version :


@alexandre.victor thank you that seems ok. If you over the mouse on the input port called “path” and wait for the tooltip to show up, does it say “(disabled)”?, try to pass a null value or an empty string “”

You were right
I thought all our computers were installed the same way but one of them still had the 2020.3 on it
Problem solved ! It was indeed a version issue
Thanks a lot for your reactivity
I will probably call on your services again soon :wink: