Civil3D Model to Navisworks


I am currently working on a Dynamo script to clean our Civil3D models in order to export them to NavisWorks. Right now what I have is a script that selects and purges almost all the objects I don’t want to export, like text or 3DPolylines. My following steps would be:

  • Delete hatches and labels (for pipes and structures).
  • Purging all unused blocks/layers.
  • Export to Navis (nwcout)

I will keep updating the thread with my findings, but I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to achieve the above, many thanks in advance!

You could do the purge and export by sending those commands to the command line. See this post.

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At first glance, you probably don’t need Dynamo for any of this. You could probably accomplish everything with action recorder.

Edit: Maybe not. I forgot that select similar can’t be run command line only.