Civil 3d To Arc GIS

How can i Export Civil 3d Pressure Network To Arc GIS

If you want to keep a live connection to the Civil 3D Data, you can do a BIM Geodatabase in AcGIS. You just need the Civil 3D files in ACC/BIM 360. Otherwise you can also run a Geoprocessing Tool in ArcGIS Pro to convert CAD to Geodatabase, Your best hope to just export from Civil 3d and send off is MAPEXPORT.

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I don’t personally use dynamo for this process but I have automated it heavily. I utilize object data for my pipes and then I run a MAPEXPORT on all of my pipes (sewer, storm, water, ect). I then use the arcpy module in a jupyter notebook to process the shapefile that was exported and send the data to each of my different file geodatabases according to the “layer” it is on.

What you can do is run the “append” command in arcgis pro, go to your history, and drag the process you completed into a python window. This will show the code for the process. Then copy that into a jupyter notebook so that you can run an append without having to run arcgis pro commands.

I’ll attach my latest Utility Processing script. It is specific to my needs but perhaps you can learn something from it. (Note it has to be in .py form, I can’t upload .IPYNB files to these forums) (29.8 KB)