Civil 3d - Extract User Contour from Surface

I’m very interested in knowing if it is possible in Dynamo to: 1. select a surface, 2. enter a real number (an elevation that must be between min and max elevations). 3. create a civil 3d surface style with that elevation in the name. 4. modify that style to show only user contours ‘with only the above elevation’ specified. 5. extract that user contour as a polyline.

Doing this manually is very easy, but can become tedious if you do this a lot.

Hi @sgrisez,

If your end goal is simply to extract specific contours as polylines, then you could save yourself a lot of work by skipping steps 3 and 4. Modifying styles is not currently available, so you’d have to dig into the COM API.

But you can extract the polylines at a specific elevation pretty easily using the Civil 3D Toolkit, something like this.


So it looks like I don’t need to create the style with the user contour set to that number, (which is awesome!), is that correct?


How/where do I get the Civil 3d toolkit? I have c3d2021.

found it. It is a package to to download via ‘packages’

I’m so happy that this worked and was so easy.

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Glad to hear it!