Civil 3D Data Shortcuts management

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all doing very well. I wonder if I can do the following within Dynamo.

I want to create a script to gather all the data from the data shortcuts folder in Excel.

In Excel, I want to modify the data shortcuts’ names (like having a series of sequential naming or combined names selected from a civil 3d object like a corridor).

Also, I want to use the script to check on the data shortcuts paths validation or path replacement. I am looking to push the modified Excel field back to Dynamo within the Excel file.

I know that Civil 3D has a Data shortcut editor, but it has limitations.
I am very thankful for any idea or support.

Hi @S.Abbosh,

There are some nodes in Camber for data shortcuts. Probably not enough to completely fill the needs of your workflow, but perhaps they will get you started.

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Dear @mzjensen,
Thank you so much for you time take to answer my question. I very appreciate your information.

I will absolutely start using these nodes. Do I need to get involve with Python? If the case is so then I can reach out to our Automation team and ask them for some support. maybe if you can just tips me about what I need more to set such Data shortcuts workflow.

Lots of thanks for your time and I want to wish you a very pleasant day
Best regards