Check if Reference Planes are Coincident

Hi All,

Just a quick one (I hope) as this has stumped me this morning.
I need to find out if two Planes are coincident (are aligned, but do not necessarily share a common vector or origin)

Comparing angles of the Plane Normals won’t work as there may be planes with the same vector, but are not coincident (dont overlap).
Any thoughts are appreciated? :grinning:

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so you want to find out if two planes both lie in the same plane?

can’t you take any point on one plane and test if it lies on the second plane?

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@Michael_Kirschner2 - not necessarily. Perpendicular planes have overlap. Test the angle between normals first. That will remove the most planes fastest. Then test origin point distance between each.

@JacobSmall the likelyhood that the origin for overlapping perpedicular planes to have their origin in the same location is quite low is it not?

The Planes I am attempting to “match” may have vectors 180 degrees apart but exist in the “same plane” so capturing this is easy enough by looking for a 0 and 180 value.

@Michael_Kirschner2 good point, Ill test using the plane origin as the point to compare once I have filtered by vector.

Thanks for the help, will update soon.

@JacobSmall @Michael_Kirschner2 Thanks, all sorted. :grinning:



Do you mind sharng a ‘readable’ version of your graph (the part where you check parralells)? Curious how you did it. Thanks!

Weird, that image was taken with the dynamo camera function, so should be full resolution when selected, but I can’t even select it in the post. I’ll capture it tmw full res, and post the dyn. (Will be a node in my next release) :grinning:

I believe if you zoom in so that the graph is legible, then use the camera feature it’s fine (And will capture the entire graph!)

Will do @solamour I’ve just downloaded that image from the post and it’s clear as day, so it is full size…:thinking: will still look at when in the office tmw.

Forum isn’t letting me click to see larger on any images.

@Racel_Williams did something change?

@Ewan_Opie, @JacobSmall,

Things are clickable again (and readable!), thanks.