Check if Phase Mapping is applied

Is there a method to see if Phase Mapping is applied?
I have the most common Packages installed but there is no node, so i can’t show what i tried.


I do not believe that it is exposed to the RevitLinkType class, so don’t think it is available currently in the API.

But, if you are in Revit 2019. It appears that it is available in the Revit 2019.1 API additions.

Revit Link Additions
The new function:

allows users to read the Phase Map parameter for the link. The phase map is a correspondence between phases in the host document and phases in the linked document, and is used by room calculations. Note that the link must be loaded to read the phase map.


Hi @m.rijsmus,

The next update of Genius Loci package will include the node “Get Phase Map”.
I can send it to you if you need it now.

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Thank you @Alban_de_Chasteigner

wonderfull job!

Hi Alban,

I cannot find the Get Documents node to work with the Get Phase Map node. I think Archilab updated and now it is different. Any thoughts?



You can use the Element Types node to collect the RevitLinkInstances.


Thank you. I will give it a shot.

Seems I am doing something wrong.

Hi Alban,

I saw that Genius Loci updated this node recently. Do you have any guidance on using it now that the Phase ID in link is no longer an output and it only seems to take one Revit link at a time?


Hi Curtis,

Thank you for your remarks on the node.
I have indeed improved it. The phase ID is no longer required.

The longest lacing must be used for several links.


Fantastic! Thanks Alban. This is working great.