Check if a crop region has been rotated

Hi, is there any method to check whether a crop region has been rotated?

Im placing Generic annotations on views and they are placed at wrong location when Crop region has been rotated.

Hi @ashwinash112,

You can obtain the Rotaiton of the CropRegion with the Element GetRotation node.
If the result isn’t 0, there is a rotation.

CropRegion rotation.dyn (11.4 KB)


Thnx alban, it works well for Plan views, But not callouts and sections views.

is the Rhytm node doing the same thing? or is it different? however im just getting 0 whatever i rotate the crop region

I also did a test and you are right, it doesn´t work for me with section views neither.

But keep in mind, for planviews you have to reset crop to get the right rotation angle if the crop box lines are not horizontal/vertical.

please see

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