Changing unit without calculation

I see there’s a Unit conversion node and since I wanted mm as my unit I did a number input setting conversion as mm -> mm and Watch node showed me correct value which I passed on but it didn’ do the job. I see lot’s of threads saying that you need to do the math to change units and recalculate foot to other units. Isn’t there a way to simply change the unit type (ie ft -> mm) while keeping the value without actual conversion?

  1. Which Dynamo version you’re using?
  2. What are the elements type you’re looking to convert?

ad 1 - 1.3.2
ad 2 - I want to input number which will be set as a mm unit to pass to other node as mm, not as feet.

Use Dynamo 1.3.3:

Click here to download 1.3.3.

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