Changing the Element's Workplane

Hi All,

Is it possible to change the workplane of an element already placed? I’ve search seemingly everywhere with no results…

We have a large model nearing 75% CD and running into model issues with corruption. We’ve identified that there are ~800 plumbing fixtures with their workplane associated to a linked model! Obviously we want to rectify this, and my thought process was to use Dynamo to create a new reference plane -> Revise workplane to the newly created Reference plane -> Delete Reference Plane. Leaving the Plumbing fixture unassociated.

I can’t find any information on editing the elements work Plane without re-creating the family. Which we would like to avoid as the drawing’s are 75% along, and there are other hosted objects & tags in connection with these instances.

Any ideas?

Issue sounds like one I was working on a solution with another customer recently. Can you create a simple model with a single instance of the host type you currently have so any solutions developed match your current situation?

Hey @jacob.small, could you please find out which API functions are used to perform the “Edit Workplane” action. I don´t find anything related in the API :frowning:
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Only one I can find is a reference as a playable command, which makes sense as there is a UI involved (similar to purge unused). PostableCommand Enumeration

Might be a wild goose chase but check the parameters to see if there is something you could set there, perhaps host or similar. May be read only though.