Changing text notes text in bulk

Hey guys, I’m a little stuck here. I’ve been trying to change a text note for some details in bulk and want to make sure I get them all. Not sure why this setup is not working. I’m having hard time sorting through all the text notes in the document and grabbing only the ones I want so I can edit them. What am I missing?

Try this,

Yours is not working because you ran a filter on your sorting data. The filter needs to be ran with the elements you want to filter out. Let me know if you have any questions.


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I should add my script will change any texts that has your search criteria in the text regardless of other text. If you want to just change text that is an exact match to your search criteria change string.contains with ==.

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Awesome dude thanks! I also tried the == just for kicks with the exact text and for some reason returned all false

The text would have to be an exact match. Case, spaces and everything else.

Can you please make it as a solution if what I posted solves your problem. Helps other on the forms.