Text Replace doesn't make changes in the model

I’m trying to make a simple script work. It returns null which I thought would mean that it has completed its operation but there isn’t

a change in the model. I’m trying to change “Ali was here” to “Sam was here”. Have I done something wrong in the script and can someone help me? :slight_smile:

Hi @HOKO-Sam and welcome, use another FilterByBoolMask for the text notes elements as well using the same mask, it will work :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: I don’t meant to bother but I still don’t know where to put it. can you explain more or make a little doodle

No bothering at all, here you go:

There’s actually no reason to filter at all. You’re specifically replacing only the defined substring so everything else stays in tact.

The problem is likely that you filtered out the one text note but then write back to the original list of all text notes. If you’re going to filter elements then you need to write only to those elements, but as I said above, it’s not necessary.

Yep, if no string found, no errors will appear;
Maybe the filter is used to check for a certain string value prior any chanigng.