Changing Material name parameter from lowercase to uppercase


I am attempting to take all the material name parameters in my revit file and capitalize the material names. I thought I was on the right track, because in Dynamo I could see that the text was being capitalized, but when I try to set the material name parameter I get a “Traceback” message and some text about the parameter being read-only. I was under the impression that by using the Set.Builtin Parameter node, i could write something to a read only parameter.

any suggestions are welcome. Thank you all for your time.

I figured out a way! instead of using the name parameter i wrote to the description parameter and changed the parameter in my tag family.

Hi @Mike_Tuter

You can set Material name by using Custom node Element.SetName From clockwork package:


Hello @Kulkul

Thank you so much! I am always amazed how you and others like you on this forum can see right to the heart of the problem. I aspire to one day be able to do what you all do. :beers: