Changing Family and Family Instances in Excel


I’m completely new to dynamo.

I’m trying to export some values of a family into an excelsheet to change the family instances in excel. Then i want to reimport the excelsheet.

Excel Export


The export into excel is still working but i’m not sure if i selected the right elements. I wan to change the the type from “Typ 1.1” into “Typ 1.2” for example.

When i get the excel sheet i try to reimport it.






Couldn’t get two pictures into one post.

Here is my try to reimport the excelsheet.

Excel Import




I think i have to use another parameter name but i don’t know which one i have to choose.

Or am i completely wrong?

Many thanks for your help!

Hello Thomas,

You need to connect output of List.GetItemsAtIndex to String.FromObject node.

I think the output of List.GetItemsAtIndex is not a string which you can see in the error message.

See if that works.



I have connected List.GetItemAtIndex to String.FromObject. Same error.






But the error seems not to be caused by List.GetItemAtIndex.

The problem is the string for parameterName in Element.SetParameterByName. I try to change the family type by writing the data into “type”. If i change “type” into “comment” everything is fine so it seems that it is not allowed to write into “type”.

Import Kom





Is there any other possibility to change the family type in excel?