Changing element worksets from excel

Hi, I want to be able to change my element worksets from an exported excel sheet but I am not sure where am I going wrong.

Warning: Elements.SetParameterByNameTypeOrInstance operation failed.
The parameter’s storage type is not a string.

19b-Importing DataDrop from Excel P01.dyn (73.6 KB)

I’ve obtained the element ID’s and Workset names but now I cant figure out why it wont change the values from excel to the Revit worksets.

Can someone point me in the right direction.

Thanks for your time !

You need the Id of the workset, not the Name

Hi Marcel, you mean the parameter name?

No get the Id of the workset and feed that in the value port of the node

I thought thats what I was doing by inputing the Element.ByID node into the element port of the Elements.SetPara node?

Element.ById gets you the Id’s of the elements you want to change.
If you want to change the Workset of these Elements, you need to provide the Id of that Workset.
That is the new value

Thanks alot Marcel, I understand now. Which package is the under? Im struggling to find it.

Archilab i think.

Thanks again Marcel !!

I’m getting this error messege on the Workset.ID:

Warning: Workset.Id expects argument type(s) (archilab.Revit.Elements.Workset), but was called with (string).

Is it becuase my data isnt aligned?

Show us the graph please.

You are missing this node

Does that go before the node?

Yep, just select the correct workset from the dropdown, and set lacing on the SetParameterByName node to longest.
You don’t need the list of workset names.

But I want to update the worksets from my excel schedule in one go, would I need to select each workset to change using these 2 nodes?

Maybe there is a WorksetByName node somewhere
Try the search button here on the forum.

This node takes a string as input

I have cleaned my script up but I still cant figure out how to set/change the element worksets from my excel schedule.

That picture is not clear.
If you want, use the camera button in the upper right corner to make a new one and upload again.