Changing all the exterior wall orientation to face Outward

Greeting to all user. I have a problem that I just discovered is that sometime when we are creating walls for a building model, some wall orientation will be facing inward and outward. Hope that someone could guide me along on how to make a python script because I’m still new in using revit dynamo and also python script or is there a existing script that have already done on making sure all the exterior wall are facing outward.

The objective is not to manually click on the icon at the revit to change the wall orientation.

My another thought was that can we filter exterior wall inward and outward orientation so once done, all the inward orientation exterior wall can be change to outward direction by using vector.reverse node provided it can be filter base by it orientation direction of inward and outward.

For future reference, please read through the entirety of How to get help on the Dynamo forums. One of the biggest rules of the forums is to show your work/effort instead of just asking for the full script. We are all volunteering to help others. Even just showing a starting attempt, what you have tried and failed at, or linking the posts you have looked through (which for this problem there are a ton) would make people more willing to help you.

There are a few custom nodes that will return the vector of the exterior of the walls. In Clockwork it is called Wall.Orientation, in it is Wall.ExteriorDirection.

I’ve seen people with a similar problem as yours make a giant room acting as the exterior so that all walls that make up that room will be selected as the room boundary. From there you can check if the exterior vector extends into the boundary, if not it needs to be flipped.

Try searching on the forums for more info.

For your information I do know the custom node you mentioned above and I’m not really seeking for a full script as I did say that I was hoping someone could guide me along on how to make a python script as I myself would want to learn something although I’m not good at programming. I did use the above mention custom node and unfortunately the result obtained wasn’t what I wanted like I mentioned before because the wall orientation is facing inward instead of facing outward from the picture I have attached earlier on and also in other cases whereby what if there such cases of having inward and outward facing wall orientation. I know it can be flipped manually but if you look at a bigger picture how many inward facing exterior wall can you spot for a large building model.

Also, if you have done work, then you should show/tell us what you tried so we don’t have to repeat what you have done (like what nodes you have tried so people don’t have to suggest them to you). That is one of the points the post I linked talks about. Even if all you have so far is just collecting all of the walls and their position/orientation, it still shows us that you are actively trying to solve your own problem.

If you have tried a method but didn’t get the results you wanted, show that method, the results you got, and how it doesn’t fit what you need. It shows a lot more effort on your part than just asking for python help/script.

You wanted a way to filter based on orientation but you asked for the orientation direction. Those nodes I talked about will help you get this. If you still need more help, please come back with a Dynamo graph.

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