Change workset by selection

Please help, if you can.
I have downloaded a code that I can select as many elements and object as a I wish and change their levels in one go. the code works perfectly.

Now, I wanna do the same for “Workset”
here is the screenshot for the existing code. and the code can be downloaded if you like to have a closer look.

The reason I do this, because my designing team has created lots of elements and objects on lots of different work sets and levels.
I have managed to sort out the leveling and have deleted all the unwanted levels. and now I need to do the same for the work set.

Please note, that I am not a wiz on Dynamo, in fact, I am less than novice!

Thank you in advance.

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This could help,

the german word “Bearbeitungsbereich” means “Workset”:

“Worksets” and “Workset.ID” from “Archilab”

Great, which version of Dyn are you using? I have dyn Revit: and dyn:

I used

I keep getting this error! :frowning:

I tried downloading

But I use Revit 2018.3

I use this:



Unfortunately I can not get those nods! :frowning:
keeps telling me I am using newer version of Dyn!
and I can not downgrade!


Install Dynamo for Revit 2.0.3, not 0.6.3.

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