Change the active workset

It would be great if I can change the active workset to the workset of a selected element in the project.
I’m searching in the dark to make this happen, if someone has any ideas please come forward.
Much appreciated.

Please verify your object is not on a linked file nor a group, if you could please provide more information, such as the graph you have generated so far

The Object is not on a linked file nor group.
The object is either a conduit fitting or a conduit.

Regarding the script, So far I have only been able to extract the workset Id of the selected Element from the model.

I have got no clue or I haven’t found any nodes which is capable of changing the active workset in the model

It’s in the api, so you can do it in python:

Here is a thread about worksets in python, not an answer to your question, but it would be a good start if you are not that familiar with python:

See if this can get you going.

Thanks for the info, I’ll be definitely give it a try

Hi, I’m about to release a tool that automatically assigns a workset based on family types (categories or families work too). Is that something that would work for you?