Change Shared Parameter Visibility

Based on the video @GavinCrump shared I set out for an easier (safer?) way of changing the visibility setting of Shared Parameters.

Here is my solution:

  1. Get the current Shared Parameter File
  2. Collect the Groups and ask the User to select one
  3. Collect the Shared Parameters in that Group
  4. Change the Boolean for Visibility
  5. Set if you want a New file or not

VisibleSharedParam.dyn (48.2 KB)


Definitely safer given it can only edit the file in predetermined ways - awesome work and thanks for sharing this! I’ll link it in a pinned comment on the video, awesome alternative approach.


After runing the script, my file becomes a crypto-nightmare :smiley:

before that it was normal


It looks like the encoding used from your default language isn’t working well with the script. What language is your Revit using?

According to Revit.ini, and as far as i remember, its English US.

Cant it be due to that my default keyboard or regional setting is Serbia, Latin?
I can not see any other reason :slight_smile:

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Most likely in that case you keyboard settings. There is encoding set up in the graph for basic UTF8. Would you mind sending me the shared param file? I’d like to see what is causing it?

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Sure, have fun :smiley:
parametri.txt (31.0 KB)

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