Change parameters at the same time

Hi!! there~~~~ :slight_smile:
Is there any solution to change mutiple parameters at the sametime
the node “element.setparameterbyname” is a separate way to change
i don’t want to change each mutiple parameters because it
takes a lot of time…
the number of parameters is 10
and the number of elements to change is 200 ㅠㅠ

give me a tips please…

Adjust the list lacing and levels and it can set as many parameters at once as you would like. :slight_smile:


oh thank you your reply
but i can’t understand… ㅜ

For example, I want a way to group the values ​​to change for each parameter name into a single list.
Now the list of parameter values ​​are the values ​​to change for one parameter.

This is going to sweep by putting the parameter values ​​to be changed in one element at once.

thank you… ㅜㅜ
have a nice day :slight_smile: