Change material of wall with excel simultaneously

i have installed clockwork package but i don’t know what node must create to connect layerIndex in Familytype.setcompoundlayermaterial node.

Please send a link to your dyn.

Many many thanks. Link

As you can see form the image, this is how the nodes work you are asking for. I had to redo a simple part of you graph since I lost the overview what the graph was all about.

Change Material.dyn (21.8 KB)

I had to add a “Waitfor” function so you could see the wall materials before changing and after changing… the two watch nodes. Glass replaces Batt Insulation at layer index 1 in that wall compound.

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thanks for your response but i want when I change material in excel it changes in revit automatically. for example when i change Glass instead of Batt Insulation in excel it apply in revit and Changed.
I run your graph but it doesn’t work

Then collect the indices from the material output and combine that with the types, so you know which layers you want to change.
Finally use the dynamo player to autoupdate revit projects.

could you draw this graph or which node that i use? because i couldn’t understand it clearly.

Can you show what you have attempted? The purpose of the forums is to help you learn and it’s hard to do that without knowing where you’re getting stuck.

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Dear JacobSmall
in the following image i have shown what i’m looking for

if you help me i would thank you.

Hi @mojtaba_rezvani72 I think you should really read this post. And read it thoroughly:

Especially Point 7 is key.

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I know, but I really got stuck in this case.

But it seems you have not even tried yet if the sketch is all you have

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@mojtaba_rezvani72 - the graph which @erfajo built up above should do this. Rebuild it and let us know where you get stuck.

as you see in the following image i try it but this gragh doesn’t work and some list is empty or null.

Can you enable previews of the codeblock?

Try running this in 1.3.2 instead. May be that the clockwork node in question needs an update.

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I think it is a question about materials, are the material “Glass” present in your document?

Next, you might experience some strange behavior with the Clockwork node. If number of elements don’t fit with the number of materials you want to change. Therefore, I recoded that node for internal usage years ago, meaning I have a comparative node for setting compound layers which I have kept internal. However, given this issue have I revealed the node in my latest update of the Orchid package.

changeMaterial.dyn (16.7 KB)

All my tests a done in both dynamo 1.3.3 and 2.0.1 with this graph… there is no version problem with the Clockwork nodes.

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as you see in the following images, I have exported materials of Wall Category in Excel and then change material in excel then imported by Data.ImportExcel node.
the question are: 1. According to this graph, only the material of a wall changes, how can we change the material of other walls?
2. According to this graph, we need to determine the LayerIndex (in FamilyType.SetCompoundLayerMaterial node) of wall’s matterial by Code Block node, there is a way that the LayerIndex can be automatically read according to the cell that changes in Excel.

Thanks for this Script.

I have used a couple of scripts to do a repetitive change on 22 models, thanks for the info.RHD-DYN-REV-RedSea_Wall_Floor Changes.dyn (97.8 KB)