Change Linestyle

How do we change a linestyle , how to get the linestyle value?






You can download a custom node from that will get a line style for you:

Then obviously you have to collect all lines that you wish to change the line style for. Lines are category OST_Lines and can be either Drafting or Model lines. Just filter those out in any fashion you wish. Let me know if you need more help.



In 0.6.3 I did this by pushing the model line to another subcategory (that’s basically what a linestyle is), but working with subcategories does not seem to possible in Dynamo 0.7 … :frowning:

I filed an issue about this on GitHub a while back:

This is as easy as getting your lines, getting the line style (see my first comment) and then doing this:

Start Transaction

for line in yourLines:

lien.LineStyle = newLineStyle

End Transaction


What did you have problems with?


thank´s, it works !


Cool, looks like it’s a lot easier in a project file than in a family file (and quite a different method as well).

Nice work, Archi-Lab nodes have been really helpful, I’m glad you solved your issues.

I have a related question. How would someone rename the line styles in their project?

Example: “xxx - Thin Lines” --> “Thin Lines - xxx”

I have been able to do this with family names, but having some issues with line styles.


Where did “Get Line Style By Name” go (or turn into) in Dynamo 0.9.2?