Change length of a wall: workflow

wall_unjoin_length_strength.dyn (74.2 KB)
Hello Dynos,

I think i am on the right way. I have the information and the tools but how can I manipulate the length of the walls?
Can I translate start and Endpoint?
Length is just read only?
How should i continue?

Kind Regards


Hi @Draxl_Andreas,

You will have to delete the wall and create an new one of the right length with Wall.ByCurveAndHeight node.

Oh my god, in my final project are there more than 1000, with diferent hights! I hope I can them raplace with all there properties (Type, Element)

The hard part is finding the right lengths of walls.
Collecting overlapping walls and creating new walls should not be too complicated.

the right length is:

[Lenght of intersection wall(interierior)] - Wallstrength(concrete)

I have in the script already the information but how can i put it together

I think that should be the first step… and we will see.