Disallow Join all wall ends


Is there a way in Dynamo to disallow join all walls? (both sides) Im trying to make a graph to only disallow join all concrete walls.



@DavidV, you can use custom nodes from my package to allow or disallow wall joining (Walls.AllowJoinAtEnd & Walls.DisallowJoinAtEnd):

Both wall sides are set to disallow join by default (see “JoinAtStart” and “JoinAtEnd” node inputs in the screenshot). You can change this behaviour using the boolean switch set to “False”.

Download the latest version @ dynamopackages.com (direct link).


Thanks Zhukoven!

Do you also have a node in your package that also can adjust the length of the wall like in the image below?

Edit: Best case scenario, Is it possible to make a wall (with a yes/no parameter turned on for example structural) longer after disallow join. And the walls with the same parameter turned off shorter?


@DavidV, I don’t have a specific node for adjusting lengths, but I’ll look into this issue.

Thanks a lot! I’m looking forward to it! :smiley:

@DavidV - Look for Set Location in your library. :wink:

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I am performing disallow join to all ends and it is doable.
But I am getting problem in adjusting wall lengths …
Can anyone tell me solution on that?

thanks in advance!