Change heigh in daynamo to change height in this script.for example height chang between 1 to 10 meter

hi, you need to use Element.SetParameterByName node, and probably get all elements of Family Type.

Capture2 .i did but result is not true

can you please explain what is your goal? because if you want to change height from 1…10 on 1 element, the result will be 10m. if want to change the height dynamicaly then use slider.

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i want change window height from 0 to 3 meter by step 0.1 meter.and analys with honeybee.all of the different heigh must be one step

sadly i dont quite understand your problem. but if you want to have all the steps you need to have the same number of Family types or elements. Because like i said, Dynamo will use last or first value (depends on the lacing).

tank you