Can't change height of my windows with dynamo

Hi! I’m beginner at Dynamo, so i try to write the simpliest scripts for my work. I need to change the height of my windows, from 2150 to 2180. But my simple script doesn’t work. Does anybody know the reason?

sure you can… normally is height a type parameter, remember that :slight_smile:

Looks good, where can i find Element.ElementType node?

it is a OOTB node, so try typing it then it should occur… please remember to mark the solution.

I only have Element.Type and it doesn’t work good :worried:

Which version of Dynamo are you using? Element.ElementType is from Dynamo version 1.3.

@gisele2001 Here is another possible way…

Thank you but I didnt succeed :pensive:
I updated my Dynamo to 1.3, and the Element.ElementType didn’t work… Your way hasn’t worked either, maybe I do something wrong, it doesn’t show a mistake, but it doesn’t filter either… Why do we write “Type” in the Code Block? maybe I use it in the wrong way

To get the element type. Is your parameter height type or instance.

Thank you.

It looks like you’re feeding in the element parameter, not the element.