Change Family Parameters instead of Type Parameters

I’m stuck whit this.
I´m trying the Antony_Mcphee´script but I get an error. I want to change Family Parameters instead of Type Parameters. I’m missing something. Can you help me with this!!! Thanks

Your List.AllIndicesOf node isn’t returning any indices… you’re sending nulls through the rest of your script.

List.AllIndicesOf it’s not working with Family Parameters and I don’t know why?
May by beacause i’ts only works with Instance Parameters

I don’t think it’s that. Your GetParameterValueByName node is returning blanks. Most likely there isn’t a parameter with that name, or the parameter is a Type parameter.

If you’re trying to modify Type parameters I think it’s easiest to use the Family Type instead of Family Instance. You can use the Get and SetParameter nodes with Family Types for Type parameters.

EDIT: Here’s an image for clarification

Im still having trouble getting Element Parametrer instead of Type Parameter. I think I’m looking for a node
like “Type.GetParameterValueVyName” intead of "Element.GetParameterValueByName"
Thanks Nick_Bpyts but your example use an Element Parameter “Light Length” not a Type Parameter .
I’m still trying