Change elements types by string


I’m trying to change the types of floor elements by setting the parameter “Type”. Now, I need to do this with a string rather than using the Floor Types-node. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work.

Is there a way to achieve this?


Hi Christian,

Refer to this post

In your case its floor elements. Good Luck!

Hi Kulkul Thanks for you suggestions - unfortunately neither the OOTB way or Konrads node seem to work when the type input is a string with the type’s name. I cannot use the Floor Types-node as the input comes from room parameters and varies. Christian

I found the solution - the trick is to use the FloorType.ByName node.

Here’s the definiton:

not seeing anything good…

Why are you still using Element.Id?
Change family type by filtered list

oops! cause I was trying it with other stuff as well. Looks like this works now! Thanks!

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