Change Element Colour based on parameter value <=>1

Hey there, i recreated a script from a 3 year old topic. The question is how to change the colour of certain Elements by a Parameter Value. (The original Topic was "
Change colour of selected model elements in view that has an empty parameter value")The only difference for me is that i don´t have empty something. I want to change colour by < or > 1. I read a lot of post about changing colour by parameter value, but this approach from the old script

seems the most efficient for me.
Unfortunately, it does not put out a right “false” and “true” whatever i try in the == node. Could someone help where i am wrong? Thank a lot!

If those are numbers (which it looks like they are) then you need to compare them against a number. Right now you’re using a string (due to the quotes) so just use 1.1 instead.