Change Detail Group Type (Dynamo 0.8.2)

Hi All,

I placed a text note on 10 sheet views and I created a detail group out of it. Now I want to change some of those text notes to a new detail group type.

I manage to do it in Dynamo 1.2 but I get an error when I use the same nodes in Dynamo 0.8.2.

Is there a way to get around this?

Thank you

Could it be because you are not feeding an index into the “GetItemAtIndex” node? :slight_smile:

Well spotted! But unfortunately no…

Alright just some thoughts since I no longer have 0.8.2 installed:

  • You could try one of the custom Get/SetParameter nodes that are available in the Rhythm and Springnodes packages.
  • Also have you checked Element.Parameter to see if the “Type” parameter is available in 0.8.2