Change all texts to bold in the project families

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First of all, thank you for your time.

My problem is the following: for client reasons they asked us to change the text fonts in all families to Simplex and Bold (bold). In the company we already have everything configured in Arial and it is very slow to open our entire library of families to make these adjustments. I found on the internet (credit to Denis Remesnik and danimosite) a dynamo routine with a python script to adjust the text to Simplex in the families loaded in the project, the problem with this is that I don’t know how to add the code so that it not only changes to simplex, but also changes to Bold.

I attach the dynamo file, I hope someone can advise me.

thank you.

Cambio de fuente en Familias.dyn (141.3 KB)

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Antes que nada, gracias por su tiempo.

mi problema es el siguiente: por cuestiones del cliente nos pidieron cambiar en todas las familias las fuentes de texto a Simplex y con Bold (negritas). En la empresa ya tenemos todo configurado a Arial y resulta lentísimo abrir toda nuestra biblioteca de familias para hacer estos ajustes. me encontré en la red (credito a Denis Remesnik y a danimosite) una rutina de dynamo con un script en python para hacer el ajuste del texto a Simplex en las familias cargadas en el proyecto, el problema de esta es que no sé cómo añadir el código para que no solo cambie a simplex, sino que también cambie a Bold.

adjunto archivo de dynamo, espero alguien me pueda asesorar.

Cambio de fuente en Familias.dyn (141.3 KB)

@Kira79 the forum language is English. This is a requirement to make search work or I would only post in Swedish so that I could get some practice.

Please translate all posts similar to how I did in editing your post in the future using an online translation service of your choice.

Thanks for the comment and support in the translation, from now on I will do it that way.

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Hello @Kira79 and welcome…here i try set the wall tag from ariel to simplex and bold…it could probably work as well
and best in future stay in english so we dont have to hear Jacob in swedish :wink: :wink:

PS genius loci and rhythm


Hello, sorry for not answering sooner but my work schedule in Mexico has just started, thank you very much for the support, I will review it and let you know.

Sorry for the delay, I thank sovtek for the help, I have tried putting together the routine in dynamo but I could not find all the nodes, I am using revit 2024, with dynamo v.2.19.3.
The nodes I can’t find are:

FamilyDocument Edit,
FamilyDocument Load,
FamilyDocument Close.

I don’t know if the dynamo version is incorrect or if it is the packages

thanks again

Go to package manager and download Genius Loci…and see if it could help

Hello again, sorry for the delay in replying. It took me a while to understand how the nodes work, IT WORKED PERFECTLY. thanks to Sovitek for their support.

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