Change a value to the next one available

Hello everybody, hope you are all fine!
I’ve been facing a problem that i’ve been trying to solve all day, but i can’t do it
I would be glad if you could help me

Here is the thing:
List 1 and 2 have the same amount of elements and the same number of sublists
What i want to do is:
If the value of List 1 is “Not OK” change the value of List 2 to the next available size in list 3. In this case change the marked values of list 2 (2.5) to 4.0

Thank you all in advance!


All you need is == and an If statement.

The == gives a list of true or false values depending on if the list equals the input. In this case it will give a true for all values that equal “Not OK”.

The If statement will look at each index in the test input and pass through the corisponding value from the true or false input.

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i appreciate your response but i don’t think that this is the case. i think i would know how to solve this problem if i used another programming language i would you a for loop… But unfortunately i don’t know how to do that in dynamo language

@ramoon.bandeira Would this work for you?
OkNot.dyn (6.4 KB)