Change a length into a number value?

Is it possible with dynamo to take a measured length or calculated value in revit and convert it to a number value? Specifically in schedules. ex. Take column A - Measured Length Value, and populate Column B -Number Value

Yes. Give it a shot and post your results if you get stuck.

Hi @bharlow1986

You could use “GetParameterValueByName” to get the value of Length and use “SetParameterValueByName” to set the number Value to Column B. If your looking to get the “CalculatedValue” you could use custom nodes from Steamnodes Package “Schedule.GetCalculatedValues”.

Im getting closer but not able to have it fill the value. Do my schedule filters need to be added to my dynamo somewhere?

from what elements are you building these calculated values? you have to feed those elements into the element input … got it ?

@bharlow1986 Could you please drop or share the link to your rvt file.