Set Parameter error "Parameter storage type is not a number"




I am new to the dynamo and this community too. I am working on write and read from excel to Pipe schedule.
While writing excel it works fine but reading from same excel it shows error on “SetParameter” Node.

Also reading same problems like this on the community pages. But didn’t find any logic behind this error. For someone’s it works fine.

Please see below snaps

It just pipe schedule with mark, length and dia. List works fine till getitemIndex.

Please suggest better way


Length is read only parameter. Data type of Mark is string.


Thanks Robert2017.

That means I cant change length parameter. Understood about the Mark.
What about the Diameter?

I Was just trying to understand which parameter we can change by excel. How useful excel importing in revit.


You can change the length but only if you set new start or/and end points of pipes. You can control almost everything by excel but part of them is harder than other.


Okay. Thanks Robert2017.

Stay tuned for upcoming queries :grinning:


Hi Robert,

see below snap, as per your suggestion I have made this script. After running the script my all marks turn in to 0 value, cause we added code block 0 to the set parameter value.
I wanted to read this as mark I have added in revit file. I have added those as 1,2,3,4.

Please advise.

  1. You have to sort list of element as you want.
  2. Then generate number from 1 to n and change it to string.
  3. Then set value to Mark parameter.