Chamfer a edge in dynamo

I’ve just attempted to make my first dynamo script, in which I’ve trying to selected a model within revit and the a edge, and then give it a 25mm chamfer, I’ve attached a attempted script and was hoping someone can give any advice or tip in order to get it to work.

Just added a bit extra but still struggling to get it to work, any help would be much appriciated

Once you convert to a Dynamo solid using Element.Solids it is no longer related to the original Revit element and so changes made to it in Dynamo aren’t reflected in Revit. Your final step of Solid.Difference will fail because a Revit model element can’t be used as a solid input.

What is the original element in Revit? Generally speaking you can’t make changes to Revit elements in Dynamo if you can’t also do it through the Revit user interface. If the original element is, say, a floor, then there is no function to chamfer the edge of it in Revit, so Dynamo isn’t able to do that either (you could achieve a chamfer with a slab edge extension but that’s a different method).

You can edit the solids in Dynamo and then push back into Revit using DirectShape, or as a new family instance, but they will not be related to the original element.

Probably not the answer you want to hear!