Centre point of rectangle

Hi, how could I find a centre point for a rectangle polyline so I could use it for geometry trim a surface? Thank you for your help in advance!


I would use basic geometry :slight_smile:

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Thought maybe there is a magical simple way, I used grasshopper before and you could just use a basic area node and it would leave a point in the centre of the surface. Thank you for your help!

For surface there is already a node but for a basic geometry you should do like that.
What kind of geometry do you have? From which object?

It’s a polyline from a surface void. I could then build a surface from it and then get that point, but I guess that would be recourse hungry. Better just to do what you did and package it into a single component.


Not sure what you have for a base geometry, but this might help: https://dictionary.dynamobim.com/#/Geometry/Polygon/Action/Center

Closed Curve, is there a way to convert curve into polygon?

Full graph below - note the remember node is replacing whatever you’re using to generate the initial closed polycurve.


Thank you for your help Jacob, this seems to be a leaner way to do resolve this. Had to adapt your graph slightly as I am starting with closed curve.


Jonas Blazinskas